Cataphoresis painting is an electrodeposition that develops in the paint tub thanks to the transmigration of particles from the liquid to the artefact through the passage of continuous electric current.

Cataphoresis is today used by all car manufacturers, all over the world, both for the coating of the bodies and for the finish of all parts within view under the car (rear and front axles, tie-beams, etc.).

Cataphoresis coating offers an optimal degree of protection along with an extraordinary aesthetic. It’s the ideal treatment for those looking for extremely high chemical-mechanical performances, thanks its uniform thickness and its resistance to salt mist.



The pre-treatment line for the cathodic electrodeposition is composed of 10 stages: double alkaline degreasing (spray and immersion), rinse, integrated deoxygenation stage, double rinse, activation with titanium salts, phosphatizing with zinc salts (“Nickel free”), rinse, demi rinse.



3400 x 1800 x 800



Thanks to 2 power coating systems with multi-stage pre-treatment and rapid colour change, Mecplast is able to treat the largest range of artefacts with extreme flexibility, both for large-scale productions and for small lots.



The technologies used in the pre-treatment process go from products for chemical conversion of steel, aluminium and aluminium alloys to the recent technology known as “APRN” (Adhesion Promoter No Rinse).

This technology, applied after the multi-stage processes, consents the introduction of a nanoceramic process, creating an extremely tough zirconium base layer, which grants high anti-corrosion performances.



1200 x 1950 x 900
2850 x 1700 x 300
700 x 1700 x 800


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