Who we are


Founded in 1972, Mecplast began its activity as a powder coating company for third parties, specialised in metal parts. Over time, through acquisitions (and subsequent merges) of other companies, commercial development, technological investments and human resources, Mecplast has grown to become a leading company in the Triveneto area of Italy for experience and know-how, for machinery and technology and, lastly, for the multitude of market sectors in which it operates.


Mecplast developed thanks to a company philosophy that can be summed up in the offer of “Global solutions for professional coating” and bases itself on  three fundamental pillars”:


Tailor-made projects: Mecplast offers products of absolute quality and, thanks to its technical office, is able to provide knowledgeable and customised consultations both for projects regarding solely the superficial treatment and projects that include the production of the metallic artefact itself.


ReliabilityMecplast has always worked for national and international customers, with undivided attention towards quality, respect of procedures and delivery schedules.


Respect for the environmentMecplast operates with full respect of man and the environment, following working procedures and using state of the art technologies, able to reduce the environmental impact of all industrial processes.


Today, the company works in a plant of over 15,000 square meters, for a covered area of 8,000 square meters in which three powder coating systems and a state-of-the-art cataphoresis plant.

The availability of four systems, combined with the careful scheduling which defines the systems’ operative sequences, enables the company to find the right balance between the optimisation of internal production and lead time.


All of Mecplast’s productive processes are continuously monitored with the most advanced technological instruments. Every artefact is closely checked during each stage of processing, up until the delivery of the finished product.

Thanks to the control of production processes and the know-how and professionalism of its operators, Mecplast can guarantee the highest quality standards for its finished products.


Mecplast operates with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 management system.

In addition, the company vaunts sanctions from multinational automotive companies and is constantly the object of auditing for “Environmental, Social & Working Conditions” processes.

Lastly, Mecplast is a CATAS member – the Italian institute for certification, research and testing for the wooden furniture sector – a centre of excellence also for the agri-food, industrial and environmental sectors.


Mecplast operates in multiple sectors, among which: automotive, agricultural and construction equipment, technical sports articles, furniture, cycling accessories, frames for doors and windows, automations, refrigeration, electric pumps and motors.